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Burn Care

Your First Aid Training is just the start! Make sure you’re prepared at work, home, on the farm, at school and at your sporting events with the right equipment. We supply a complete range of burns first aid kits and supplies. All our kits are compliant with State regulations and are available for delivery within a few days.

Please contact us for detailed information.

Don’t know what you need? Talk to us about your risks and we’ll steer you in the right direction today to make sure you’re properly covered.

Our online store boasts an extensive selection of medical supplies for companies and individuals that wish to put together their own burns first aid kit. We also offer a wide range of customised first aid kits for particular situations and areas, including sporting events, caravan holidays, construction sites, offices, kitchens, and cars.

If you need any advice about the equipment we sell for the treatment of burns and scalds, we are more than happy to help in any way we can. Our workplace burns first aid kit and other packs feature high-quality equipment and are designed to comply with the latest WHS regulations.